Thursday, August 19, 2010

lomo aqua

“LOMO” means a kind or attitude when you take a picture, just click and snap. Don't think about the aperture, shutter and don't even mind the angle or the composition of a picture.
Although the picture that you take is over exposure or blur, if it can attract your eyeball, it’s mean a successful picture.

LOMO AQUA PIX Waterproof Camera
It is a diving camera that can "dive" in to 3 meters!

it comes in few attractive design :

AQUA 1 : flower

AQUA 2 : hearts

AQUA 3 : orange

AQUA 4 : blue

AQUA 5 : green

AQUA 6 : baby pink

AQUA 7 : yellow

AQUA 8 : white

AQUA 9 : red (with black cover)

more designs! CARTOONS!

AQUA 10 : aqua

AQUA 11 : winnie the pooh

AQUA 12 : pinky

AQUA 13 : bird

Lomo Style Aqua Pix under water mini 35mm Film Camera Orange

Lens - Optical lens, f/9 28mm

Underwater - underwater 3-4m, If use underwater, please use high ISO film

Shutter - Leaf Shutter, speed 1/100sec

Film to be Used - 35mm format color or black / white film and slide film

View Finder - Eye level finder

Focusing - Free

Dimensions - 119 X 50 X 84mm

Include - Waterproof casing, Camera, Strap


RM 64 only!